Logo Concepts is the best company EVER!! Their staff is very professional and quick to help with whatever they can. The services they provide are excellent and they strive to satisfy their customers needs. I recommend them to anyone who wants a great experience working with great people!

  • Jannet Morris
  • Tech International
  • Dec 21, 2010

The hats did arrive! I picked them up last night ... and took them down to [the clients'] anniversary function. They raised $7500 for charities they support because the hats were there. They never would have gotten that without the hats. Thank you for all your efforts in making it happen! We appreciate it.

  • S.L.
  • Adventures in Advertising
  • Nov 09, 2006

Thanks for great artwork. It is a pleasure to be working with this! ...I have had to work with some renditions that were so poorly done that I had to go back several times to the distributor for help. Thanks for your efforts.

  • G.K.
  • Wendell August Forge
  • Sep 26, 2006

That looks GREAT! maybe the line can be done in black... would that look alright? I'm very excited to get these and thanks so much for all your work and for working with us to get this to perfection!

  • E.V.
  • Pacific Coast
  • Sep 20, 2006

Thanks for getting the visors out so fast -- they look great!

  • C.O.
  • Sun Valley Summer Symphony
  • Jul 19, 2006